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Because of his great leadership, held in long remembrance, King Benjamin ranks with the great rulers of history who have blessed their people with peace and civilizing influences. Like Alfred, Benjamin comes into view as a great light after the dark ages of his people. For all these reasons, King Alfred came to my mind immediately when I viewed King Benjamin as a figure on the world stage. He reminds them that he has not exploited them in any way with taxes or unjust laws and punishments, but has labored with his own hands for his support.

Only the kings of countries who were not subject to any other king and powerful enough to draw the respect from their adversaries were allowed to use the title of Great King. Great Kings referred to each other as brothers and often established close relationships by means of marriages and frequent gift exchange. Amaleki tells of Mosiah first teaching the people of Mulek the Nephite language and then of the two groups uniting culturally and politically under his kingship. The old king lived three more years and died about B.

King Benjamin accepts their covenant, formalizing it by having their names recorded. That sermon, given to all the citizens of Zarahemla gathered at the temple, is one of the longest and most powerful in the Book of Mormon. The account goes on to announce the name of Jesus Christ and of his mother, Mary. Don't let this sloppy copywriting scare you off.

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Yet he has served them mightily. But Mosiah began a marvelous work, completed by his son, Benjamin, of making these separate, semibarbaric tribes into a civilized, Christian nation.

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He therefore commanded his sons to search the records diligently. He lived solely for the good of his people. Mormon tells how King Benjamin, having won several generations of peace from his external enemies, turned to internal problems. He is the first instance in the history of Christendom of a ruler who put aside every personal aim or ambition to devote himself wholly to the welfare of those whom he ruled. And he gives us more extensively than we have anywhere else the actual declaration of the angel.