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The thunder of their hooves could once rival that of the vast skies above. They roamed the Plains in their tens of millions before the arrival of European settlers and Native American life revolved around them. These gatherings afforded leaders to meet to make political decisions, plan movements, arbitrate disputes, and organize and launch raiding expeditions or war parties. Wind Cave has assisted with the prairie home comeback of elk and pronghorn, too.

He goes out into the wild, shoots them with tranquilizers and collars them. Later, the cave became a sacred place, where they left offerings in hopes of huge buffalo herds. Formerly egalitarian societies became more divided by wealth with a negative impact on the role of women. In June and July the scattered bands of the tribes gathered together into large encampments, which included ceremonies such as the Sun Dance. The settlers misnamed them because of their likeness to the buffalo that roam Asia and Africa, and the tag stuck.

Get Directions Chimney Rock. Herds often took shelter in the artificial cuts formed by the grade of the track winding through hills and mountains in harsh winter conditions. The Lakota became the most powerful of the Plains tribes. At the same time, they occupied the heart of prime bison range which was also an excellent region for furs, which could be sold to French and American traders for goods such as guns.

The best bet for bison viewing in Wind Cave is a drive past the grasslands on U. The park is packed with other wildlife too, not just bison. The Plains Indians lived in teepees because they were easily disassembled and allowed the nomadic life of following game. They season it with fat, which they always try to secure when they kill a cow.

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