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The House On Prague Street by Hanna Demetz download in pdf, ePub, iPad

It was short andHer mother and maternal relatives were

It was short and I read it one day. Her mother and maternal relatives were persecuted during the war and the father and his relatives, after the war. Helene, initially intimidated by the change, soon settles down and finds that there is much to be enjoyed in Prague.

From then on, Helene's Jewish Grandparents and the extended family of Aunts, Uncles and Cousins become an important part of her growing years. Maybe not all the details but they know there is this book I am obsessed with and will gladly give out copies if anyone is remotely interested. There were differences, true, but not to the extent exaggerated by the Nazis. The learning that they had all known - all but her - they had all known it coming their way. In most cases, such people either do not care or do not consider the effects of their actions on others and so cause the greatest harm.

Kinder, gentler readers may well disagree with me on this. Their old house stands empty and over-grown with weeds, and the house next-doors, which once was Aunt Klara's, now shelters the Hitler Youth. Her teen life, friends, mistakes and insolence. Her mother's family, on the other hand, are more tractable and, when the three-year old Helene suddenly becomes afflicted with Polio, they offer their help and a reconciliation is achieved. She is aware of - if not unduly disturbed by - the strong familial opposition her parents faced prior to their marriage and of the public disapproval that they still have to endure.

By now Susi Renner is also dead, killed in an air-raid during a visit to her German mother in Munich. And The Journey from Prague Street continues it. It was translated into English by the Author and a nod must be given to her amazing command of our language. She immediately senses that this house is different. He is a German Lieutenant on leave and Helene falls head-over-heels in love.