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The rebels threatened to move on Abidjan again, and France deployed troops from its base in the country to stop their advance. The French said they were protecting their own citizens from danger, but their deployment also helped government forces. Thousands of foreigners, especially French nationals, evacuated the two cities.

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In the end, the loss of sovereignty by the local rulers was often the result of their inability to counter French deception and military force rather than a result of support for French encroachment. Throughout the early years of French rule, French military contingents were sent inland to establish new posts. After the decline of Ghana, the Mali Empire grew into a powerful Muslim state, which reached its apogee in the early part of the fourteenth century. It was a colony and an overseas territory under the Third Republic.

The treaties provided for French sovereignty within the posts and for trading privileges in exchange for fees or customs paid annually to the local rulers for the use of the land. It also involves divination which determines the proper sacrifices to the deities. Assini's survival was precarious, however, and only in the mid-nineteenth century did the French establish themselves firmly in Ivory Coast. Communities across the country required repairs to their water supply. Ivory Coast Demographics Ivory Coast is home to many ethnic groups.

Throughout the early years of French

Most Ivorians, however, were classified as French subjects and were governed under the principle of association. Slaves from Mozambique were found in small numbers in Louisiana where they were called Makwa. Very few slaves from the Ivory Coast and the Gold Coast were imported in Louisiana except the Mina who were among the most frequent ethnicities in this country.