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The Little Green Island with a Little Red House by Sharon Lovejoy download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Do not expect a plot

This book is a fun and inviting welcome to Ms Lovejoy's island community. They actually began applying these new names to the flowers.

New readers can explore the language of colors, colors beyond red, green, brown, and beige. Whatever the technique, for this fan it creates the same experience. Beyond color she emphasizes using clever modifiers. Anticipate, instead, colorful whimsy and discovery.

The language encourages and challenges new readers. Expect to play with chestnut, azure, ochre, and chartreuse. Create a game of making your own descriptive and colorful names. Watching their faces as they let the word dance across their tongues and through their lips was delightful.

Sharon's playful language describes special finds and some of the island wildlife. And in conclusion, she offers advice to the reader in her faretheewell.

You really need to see the special effects. You need to see to understand.

The font is varied

Do not expect a plot or grand conclusion, but that's acceptable. The font is varied and quite playful. Gardens and forests are such perfect locations for learning, they encourage wonder. Phrases may be roly and poly, polka-dotty, slimy, or striped.