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The Living Flame of Love by Caroline Cox download in pdf, ePub, iPad

The more difficult it is to live without the fullness of Him Who we desire, the greater our fulfillment and joy will be when He has breathed into our souls all of Himself. John describes, though the details and degree will certainly differ. The profundity of that still makes me smile. For the intellectual part, so much of my own development consists in coming to terms with what I don't know.

John's discussion of when a soul is fully united with God after the Dark Night and subsequent igniting with the Flame of Love and how in that state we love God by giving God back to God. The greater He Who fills our soul, the greater the void felt before His fullness has entered. Who loves perfectly, and only in that way. John's advice to be slightly wary of all spiritual directors. To think that that is possible, that is possible to offer perfect love to the only Being Who absolutely deserves such perfection, is astounding.

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Those times are not times of weakness, as they often feel, but are very often times of growth. Astounding in its simplicity and depth. John describes and examines that. Finally, one of my favorite passages was St. As such, everything in this book is worth reaching for, praying for, surrendering to.

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John, as one would expect of a Christian mystic, describes this lack of understanding in such beautiful terms that it takes some of the sting out of my times of confusion. John describes what happens in the soul after God has purged it, quite painfully at times, of its attachments to the world and all its expectations not founded in God Himself.

He understands and describes the intense suffering and joys capable in the spiritual life better than any writer I have ever read. John is a consummate mystic in his understanding of deep, overwhelming human emotions and how they relate to the reaching towards God. It is so difficult in this age to accept uncertainty, yet there is so much beauty and spiritual deepening there. And surrender is probably the most important part.