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You can get through an entire flight on podcasts alone. It'll be noisier, sure, but if everybody else is scrambling for the front, you've got a far better chance of ending up with an empty seat or two beside you. Bring a notebook, a sketchpad, or whatever else you need to give the right-hand side of your brain a workout. Luckily, there are some easy ways to make a long flight infinitely more bearable.

You'll be sitting for the next day and a half, so work off that king-sized box of Toblerones you plan to eat on the plane now. The city's density in before the highway's construction. And if all else fails, there's always Valium. Book your tickets early This should go without saying. Stay healthy Sitting in a cramped metal tube for the better part of a day or more is not good for you.

They sometimes fail, and when they do you'll be glad to have something to do in reserve. But do bring your own pillow A small pillow is a staple carry-on item for all long-distance travelers. The case has now been returned to the Changwon District Court.

Cashmere is probably the way forward. South Korean army soldiers march during a ceremony at Seongnam Military Airbase. De-stress before you arrive Have a nice breakfast. Pack an eye mask An eye mask is especially useful if you're flying during the day, or the person next to you is wearing particularly garish clothing. The country long jailed more conscientious objectors than any other nation in the world.

If that doesn't work, you could try convincing the check-in desk that you're on your honeymoon, though that might be a bit of a stretch if you're travelling alone. Arrive early, travel by yourself, dress nicely, and put on your best, most winning smile.

You'll be sitting for the

Bring toiletries in your carry-on and make sure to brush your teeth, throw on some deodorant, or even change your clothes. Especially if your in-flight entertainment system isn't working.