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The Man Awakened from Dreams by Henrietta Harrison download in pdf, ePub, iPad

In a North China village Liu Dapeng recorded in his diary another true story of modern Chinese history. The real subject of the painting is the strain placed on a traditional society as it is subjected to the weight of the modern world.

On the other hand, it invites criticism of the limitations of using a personal diary in historical research. You are not currently authenticated. Perhaps because this book was intended for a limited audience, Harrison does not explore these questions further. Dan Shao bio Henrietta Harrison. Harrison does nothing less than open up for us a whole new world.

You are not currently authenticated

Nevertheless, Harrison offers a well-balanced use and analysis of Liu's personal writings in this book. The book covers several large topics in modern China studies, such as Confucianism in modern China, family structure, village organization, commerce, and industrialization in the rural areas. Would-be Confucian hermits beware. This approach has allowed the creation of an impressive picture of how an individual and a community interacted with each other in the specific setting of Shanxi. Overall this book is quite insightful because the readers are being taken in a journey in understanding how history and cultures are going to be shaped.

As his world goes to pieces, Liu retreats to his farm where he lives out his days tilling the land like the supposed Confucian hermits of antiquity. And it wouldnt be somethinf that I would ahve picked up on my own. This book fills in the history of those neighborhoods.

Liu Dapeng was a provincial degree-holder who never held government office. Studying these large topics through an investigation of one man and his village, Harrison integrates her analysis of changes in elite structures and their consequences for rural life.

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She uses other writings by him, such as the local gazette for Jinci, for the purposes of cross-reference. But a lot of it was boring.