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The immediate cause of shootings, stabbings and beatings has shifted over the decades - highway robbery. Ever since, Baltimore's drug trade has continued to fuel violence. But fear of crime has been a constant in Baltimore's history, from the days of the muzzle-loading rifle to the era of the semiautomatic hand-gun.

But murder statistics recorded byBut during a few periods a

Not until the s did the city see another dramatic rise in killings. But if they believe that once upon a time this town was a safe and peaceful place, their nostalgia is misplaced. As the year-old policeman stood in his living room talking to his wife, a man fired a sawed-off rifle through a rear window, hitting him in the side and neck. Gunfire has punctuated street life here for two centuries.

The bullet entered behind his left ear and killed him instantly.

But murder statistics, recorded by the Health Department in the s and the police in this century, suggest a few key points. But during a few periods, a volatile brew of social factors has driven the homicide rate much higher than the two-century average. Through most of the city's history, violent crime has roughly kept pace with the population. Street lighting was primitive, and there were a lot of sad, violent, dangerous people, a lot of poverty and alcoholism.

The language is archaic, but the daily police reports sketch a portrait of violent crime not so different from what is happening years later. Assaults and even murders are reported as routine news, usually in brief items.

It was a dreadful period for the bottom of society. The homicide rate is at a historic high. Even in a city battered daily by gun violence, the murder of two Baltimore police officers came as a shock.