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Blacks also possessed a clear advantage over Europeans as tropical laborers. British slavery was poised to expand into the new colonies of Trinidad, into undeveloped parts of Jamaica, and the newly acquired Dutch colonies that would later become British Guiana.

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Barbados had become self-sustaining in population. This was one of the richest, most profitable, and intensely cultivated parts of the world, which is why Europeans squabbled over it for two centuries. Britain was the most influential power in this system which seemed to have the potential for unbounded growth.

Barbados had become selfsustaining

Maybe this inconclusive result was due though to the disruptions in the labor force caused by the war between Britain and France in the eastern Caribbean. The existence of thriving opulent slave societies in the New World stood out as a problem for liberal economics. In Revolutionary Guadeloupe, sugar production had also collapsed to some degree and was sustained by the Victor Hugues regime through a system of a coerced labor. The strength of slavery was not in the motivation of individual slaves, as Adam Smith had assumed, and negatively contrasted to free labor.

There was no economic force, only moral and political obstacles, stopping slavery from enveloping much of Central America and South America. When slavery came under attack in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century by abolitionists, the insitution of slavery was thriving in the Caribbean and the South. Economically, it failed to produce commodities that could compete with slaves in the West Indies.

There has been endless debate over the reasons behind this decision. As Cuba and Brazil later demonstrated, the Golden Circle an unrecognized Caribbean-based, slave-based tropical civilization was still in its infancy, not its obsolescent elderly years.