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The Mormon Mirage by Latayne C. Scott download in pdf, ePub, iPad

That said, she lost me at the point where she pretty much went on a tangent about more proof for Creationism than anything the Mormons say. As they continued to date over a period of time, openly discussing their religious convictions, they admitted to each other that love was growing between them. Even before the first murder is solved, several more victims appear, each one more mysterious than the last.

That said she lost meAs they continued to date over

The Doctrine and Covenants approves of polygamy. Her documentation is outstanding. To me, this proves that he thought of himself, or desired himself to be thought of, as a real, literal translator in the common sense. Mormon doctrine downplays the importance of the Bible while elevating Mormon writings as the ultimate source of truth.

Her writing is skillful, at times even entertaining. Also helpful are her suggestions on how to evangelize Mormons. He gestures and scrawls on the whiteboard in front of more than a hundred students.

The book is highly documented with references from both primary and secondary Mormon literature, as well as the judicious use of anti-Mormon writings. Kreider identifies his motivations as his passion for the triune God and his desire to help others respond to divine revelation in spirit and truth. It also makes a nice contrast after having just read Allan Bloom, who in The American Religion praised Mormonism to the skies without offering a single critique.

It is detailed, scrupulously documented, and s Writing with skill and grace, former Mormon Latayne Scott offers a loving treatise on why she left Mormonism. It is terrifying to believe that the majority of the world will burn for all eternity if they do not, at some point in their lives, confess Jesus Christ as savior and lord. Nevertheless her drift from Mormonism happened rather quickly. But spirituality takes many forms that are beneficial, and not harmful.

It is detailed, scrupulously documented, and still highly readable. She provides specific examples of inconsistencies and of how the church has responded to those who point them out. Joseph Smith married many wives and stated that God allows it and He also commanded it p. Very well written and informative. No wonder I love Him so much.

This is a book that will be helpful to all those who wish to seek a greater understanding of this influential cult and who desire to see Mormons come to the truth of the gospel. This despite the fact that he also created his own made-up alphabet for his imaginary version of Egyptian, told people he was a translator, and gave speeches using his made-up version of Egyptian.