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The Gods hurl thunderbolts. Beat thinks I should have this looked at. It's no surprise that he gives two Jedi the fight of their lives and in the case of one of them, the last fight of his life. There are quite a few of these.

The problem is, the last time they were driven off was four and a half thousand years ago. Also, unlike the two dominant religions of Westeros, the followers of R'hllor are capable of using real magic with some requiring a great sacrifice. Elsa's powers are leagues above anyone else in the entire film, which is one of many reasons why she is depressed. But sometimes my breathing is still bad. Inevitables are robots from another plane that enforce the natural laws of the universe.

To say that this backfired would be an understatement. The leg still feels tender when I run downhill, but the pain is minor, not worth fussing about.

They reach out to The Joker as a desperate act to get rid of Batman and their other enemies. Since the Sith Lords had supposedly been wiped out a millennium before, no Jedi figured on having to fight him. The Avengers to the Chitauri's invasion force. Sometimes my breathing is just bad. The Seven Kingdoms are ripping themselves apart in civil war, blissfully unaware that the demonic Others are amassing their army of the undead just north of the Wall.

And then the Big Bad starts conjuring up demons and making pacts with the King of Hell. Thor himself, being a visitor from another dimension, is nothing anyone has dealt with before. Baron Ironblood has decades of experience with weird super-science, allowing him to be prepared for anything Cybertron throws at him. Another problem is Agent Smith surviving their final encounter from the first movie and becoming a virus that infects almost everyone in the Matrix by the third.

Early in the first volume, the team encounters a vampire. Cue an alien army bursting into Manhattan, in stark contrast to the human mooks Loki had made use of before then. This trope works in both directions. Another noteworthy example turns out to be Paperinik himself for the Evronians. In Gulliver's Travels the title character is a fairly normal human, but because the Lilliputians are only about six inches tall he becomes an One-Man Army or more accurately a Navy for them.

Beat thinks I should have thisThe Gods hurl thunderbolts

But, that was nothing compared to Daenerys Targaryen living up to the stubbornness of her Valyrian blood. This tradition teaches that people hold grief in their lungs.

In the Shadowleague books, Lord Blade is this for the people of Callisoria, and possibly even his fellow Loremasters. The Eye of Agomotto is this for Dormammu, given its ability to bend time. The fact that the plan still works on time after the Mule is defeated is a tip-off to one protagonist that something is up. It is made very clear that the Chitauri were expecting to simply waltz in and easily conquer the human race. Following a short fight with Captain Marvel, who manages to wound him with a last ditch effort attack, he travels to Earth to consume it and recharge.