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For that lofty

The only difference here is that Mr. For that lofty purpose to be accomplished, it was necessary to implement the leadership principle throughout the folkish state. He presented the utopian ideal of one large state, where the nation represented one extended family. In our opinion, democracy implies a regime supported by the will of a people.

Surely every man will have advisers by his side, but the decision will be made by one man. Gonen argues that Hitler's notions grew from the general fabric of German culture in the years following World War I.

The folkish state was thus more than an organization. Churchill represented but a fraction of the people, while Hitler imagined that he represented the entire folk. To achieve that aim, he unleashed barbaric forces whose utopian features were the very aspects of the state that made it most cruel. Hitler responded to the nation's group fantasy of renewing a Holy Roman Empire of the German nation. And when the hour of retribution strikes, we'll be ready for every sort of mass murder.

From the smallest community cell to the highest leadership of the entire Reich, the state must have the personality principle anchored in its organization. Like any charismatic leader, Hitler was an expert scanner of the Zeitgeist.

In these statements it can be readily seen that the racial ideal of what a true democracy would be is based on some mystical notion of representing the will of the entire people. The best state constitution and stateform is that which, with the most unquestioned certainty, raises the best minds in the national community to leading position and leading influence. Democracy deserved to be rejected since for Hitler it was as dirty and as false as the Jew. You are not currently authenticated.

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