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The Secret of Perfect Vision by David De Angelis download in pdf, ePub, iPad

This is one main way thatAs the vision

They tell the truth about the harm that eyeglasses cause, how it happens, how eye doctors lie to us, the book provides some very interesting training on eye functions. Many pilots vision impaired by the method.

This is the natural, safe alternative to using eyeglasses, plus lens method. Research on the internet, few groups where people are allowed to speak the truth. The Plus Lens Method also know as anti-corrective or stress relieving lenses definitely strains, freezes up the ciliary muscle and the eyes lens. Detached retina and vitreous, glaucoma, cataract, astigmatism, myopia, far-sight, presbyopia and many other eye problems develop.

This is one main way that the plus lens method causes cataracts to develop. As the vision becomes more impaired, the prescription in the eye becomes too weak, like trying to see through the wrong type of eyeglass lens. Bates teaches that are necessary for clear eyesight, healthy eyes. His review is based on affiliate money earned from referring people to eyeglass sellers and a group of eye surgeons.

This impairs circulation to, around the lens, in the lens muscle and other areas of the eye and impairs the lens health, its accommodation power. After years of using the Plus Lenses, both Author's still wear eyeglasses, are addicted to the Plus Lens.

Here's one of the co-authors books. The author should also tell the truth about Plus Lenses. Many other people have been injured by the plus lens method but their posts telling this truth are not allowed on the group, forum. Plus lenses are reading glasses, close vision, magnifiers.

Other things in the book have improved my understanding of optics, the eyes. Bifocals increase the eye problems.