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However especially if observing students

Teachers who know their students well enjoy them. They may even believe that they prefer anonymity. The hardest part may be resisting the temptation to use such times to take care of other things, such as talking with individual students or prepping materials for the next lesson.

Instead, the unintended lesson on the next day will be about the art of bluffing. Some of the things teachers learn from observing might also be shared and discussed with colleagues or mentioned at fall parent conferences.

By watching students, teachers discover who has a hard time getting started, versus who starts off strong and then loses focus. To translate this article, contact permissions ascd. The result, though, is that what students hear from us most often is criticism.

In The Power of Our

In The Power of Our Words, you write that observing students carefully is a key to effective teacher language. However, especially if observing students is a new practice, I recommend also taking time just to observe, without any obligation to share. The authors start each chapter with a story about a student or teacher who will remind you of someone you've met in a classroom. Her classroom scenarios show what it takes to individualize instruction without fuzzing the curriculum. Such simple exchanges build understanding and respect and are a key to building strong teacher-student relationships.