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Accordingly, membership in a Masonic Degree or Masonic Body does not confer any chivalric Knighthood, and is not a peerage title. Although modern Freemasonry no longer involves any trade craft requiring such protection, that practice is still valid for the sake of tradition. Thus, Templar clergy can choose their individual preference for either classical Christianity, or the most ancient origins of Christianity. The Order recognizes authentic Freemasons as kindred spirits, who share an inspiration and passion for ancient esoteric knowledge of the divine mechanics of consciousness of the universe.

This demonstrates that the Royal line has been actively and prominently involved in the activities and leadership of the Order throughout history, continuing the tradition of King Fulk of Jerusalem. The modern Templar Order has recovered, reassembled and restored all aspects of its original sources of sovereignty and legitimacy, as evidenced in the historical record. The numbered source references are the verifiable evidence of all relevant facts. According to the historian S. That restoration of Historical Continuity was thus additionally sufficient and legally effective to overcome the former abeyance of the Templar Order.

The primary seven-year restoration of the Order of the Temple of Solomon established Magistral Succession from the original Grand Mastery. The related methods of stained glass used in the cathedrals also came from those secret Gothic techniques, which had been perfected by the Assassin founding Grand Master Hasan Bin Sabah.

This popularized idea, and its misleading implication that the Order could not be restored in the modern era, is proven false by clear evidence in the historical record. However, Freemasonry does have an important cultural connection to Templar heritage, and its own history of supporting the survival of the Order into the modern era, which is valued and respected.

However Freemasonry does have

Due to this professional regulatory context, Masonry developed independently as a network of Lodges. That common characteristic of both Masons and Templars should be honoured, and is sufficient and compelling reason to ensure friendly and mutually supportive relations between them. The Sufi Magi extensively taught and trained the first Templars during their formative years underneath the Temple Mount.

It is a fact that several of the founders of the Knights Templars were initiates in the sect of the Assassins. That restoration of Doctrinal Succession was thus separately sufficient and legally effective to overcome the prior abeyance of the Order.

As a result, the Vatican only suspended its own supplemental Ecclesiastical Patronage of the otherwise inherently sovereign Templar Order. The Templar Order now shares this with the general public for the first time, as part of its core mission of restoring venerable traditions as the pillars of civilization. This establishes a substantial level of ecclesiastical authority, meeting the general standards of the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches under traditional Canon Law.

This popularized idea