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The Young Widow's Book of Home Improvement by Virginia Lloyd download in pdf, ePub, iPad

She makes no attempt to manipulate the reader by pulling on the heart strings. The terrible reality confronting us when someone very close to us dies is that there is no escaping it. It was everything that a memoir such as this should be.

That is, if she ever could. Whilst doing this, I heard a loud crack from my leg, which was soon joined by a mind-jarring amount of pain.

They embark on a marriage with an unwanted expiry date. It's astonishing to realise that John and Virginia lived a whole life in just two years, and heartbreaking to know how much life and love they could and should have had together. Story one, renovating her crumbling home after his death, which in itself is a wonderful metaphor for rebuilding her life. It is all about memories, good, bad, pretty and ugly, which is what makes us who we are. And two, their relationship, which runs through the entire gamut of human emotions, given the short time frame they have together, only two years.

What makes this story great, rather than just good, is how the author tackles the subject of her bereavement. If you think the main topic of the memoir is death, then you would be wrong. The book has a brilliant, yet simple structure. He is a permanent absence that, like negative space, shapes my life.

Virginia decided the outside as well should be transformed, to declare to the world that the inside was different. These are things none of us is experienced in but have to learn quickly, while our shattered selves are barely functioning. There were countless sections that I would love to quote, but then I may as well give you the book.

It's astonishing to realise that JohnThey embark on a

He called them the Cancer Boy Updates and he usually delivered them with an undercurrent of sarcasm and archaic satire. Think of this book as a last song, or the final hymn to her then love. You end up liking John, and understanding why Virginia loved him.