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His several books includeProfessor Ronald Radosh went

Professor Ronald Radosh went from being a radical Marxist arguably pro- Maoist even to an ardent neoconservative. His several books include a two-million-copy bestseller, The Riddle of the Sands, an exuberant classic of seafaring adventure and suspense about the beauty and mystery of the Frisian Islands. Lewis whom, similar to Lee Strobel, claimed to be an atheist convert to Christianity but whose description of atheism seemed to include the idea that he always knew God existed, and only denied it.

Salem Radio hosts Michael Medved and Dennis Prager both claim to be former liberals prior to taking a hard-right, anti-liberal turn. Ultraconservative American radio host Michael Savage was once a liberal consort of hippies, only to later become one of the angriest of all the media's opponents of liberalism. Benito Mussolini going from a Democratic Socialist to an anti-socialist fascist. They all made up sensational bullshit stories about their past in Satanic cults and each and every story was shown to be demonstrably false.

One of the most striking findings of the U. His clear-minded, direct speech, while he was a clerk in the House of Commons and gradually became convinced of the need for Irish Home Rule, was shocking in its zeal, foresight and lack of anger. Nonconverts are, for instance, more likely to attend church regularly and to believe that theirs is the one true faith than are converts to the Mormon faith.

Many former British socialists such as Melanie Phillips and Peter Hitchens would later become nationalistic wingnuts. That which I greatly feared had at last come upon me. There was a problem adding your email address.