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All of his body was winged, and the hair that flowed in the wind from his head and cheeks was matted and dirty. She pales with fear, and believes a hostile band approaches. Let the long road lie clear for the peerless spirits. He emitted all kinds of roars and nothing could resist his might. In the broad light of day rivers of glowing smoke pour forth a lurid stream, and in the dark a red and rolling flood tumbles down the boulders to the deep sea's plain in riotous clatter.

Ekhidna's home of Arimoi is the place which Homer describes as the prison of Typhoeus. And this Typhaon used to work great mischief among the famous tribes of men. Now some conjecture that this resulted from thunderbolts and from fiery subterranean outbursts, and they do not hesitate to lay there the scene of the mythical story of Typhon. Aeschylus, Suppliant Women ff trans.

There Typhon of whomThe gates of Tartaros were presumably

Typhon hunted after them, on their track. His rage matches his shape. Then from his left arm the hero looses the fierce-grinning jaws, thrusts out before him the Cleonaean head and, beneath that huge shield crouching, plies his mighty club with victorious right hand. Such is the being bound between the peaks of Aitna in her blackened leaves and the flat plain, while all his back is torn and scarred by the rough couch on which he lies outstretched. Tartaros is here the under-earth, rather than the cosmic pit.

The gates of Tartaros were presumably located in the region. There Typhon, of whom we have already spoken, suddenly appeared. Hermes has appropriately pitted them against each other. Others again over the boundless, flowering earth spoil the fair fields of men who dwell below, filling them with dust and cruel uproar. The Arimoi were a mythical tribe who dwelt at the ends of the earth beyond the River Okeanos Oceanus in a land shrouded in mist and darkness.