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There, he was introduced to the great Mexican muralist Diego Rivera, the ex-pat novelist Gertrude Stein, modernist John Marin, and various other Americans who attended the local cafes. They were described as showing how Benton absorbed and used the influence of the Greek artist El Greco. The same year his son-in-law, John C.

He originally considered the natural border of the U. Benton, a southerner and slave owner, became increasingly uncomfortable with the topic. He was also at odds with fellow Democrats, such as John C.

Wikimedia Commons Thomas Hart Benton was a painter noted for his murals and other works depicting everyday people and their lives in the context of the history of America. This base afforded Benton greater access to rural America, which was changing rapidly.

Benton eventually went back to creating art that was representational when he returned to the United States. Daguerreotype of Thomas Hart Benton, ca. Because of his Populist political upbringing, Benton's sympathy was with the working class and the small farmer, unable to gain material advantage despite the Industrial Revolution.

He originally consideredBenton a southerner and

It often seems that one way to determine the importance of someone in American history or culture is whether he or she is the subject of a Ken Burns documentary. When Lucas ran into him at the voting polls he accused Benton of being delinquent in paying his taxes and thus should not be allowed to vote. He observed everything he could about ordinary American life during the s and s and recorded what he saw in his sketches.

His career took a distinct downturn with the issue of slavery. His commission for the Truman Library mural led to his developing a friendship with the former U. He floated down rivers in canoes. She supported him financially until he was in his thirties. Various organizations hired him to create public art.

President that lasted for the rest of their lives. His experience as a pioneer instilled a devotion to Jeffersonian democracy which continued through his political career.

In during a court case he and opposing attorney Charles Lucas accused each other of lying. His position on currency earned him the nickname Old Bullion. Growing up in two different cultures, Benton rebelled against his father's plans.