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Since starting sixth grade, Janie had become restless. The presence of thyroid antibodies anti-thyroperoxidase and anti-thyroglobulin is also helpful in confirming the diagnosis. Once their condition is under control, their physical and mental capabilities return to normal. Patients with hypothyroidism can and should have productive and rewarding lives. They can sweat a lot and have trouble sleeping.

And sometimes a baby's thyroid is fully developed at birth but just can't make enough thyroid hormone. Janie had a problem with her thyroid gland. If any abnormality is found, a repeat blood sample is taken. They can be associated with normal or abnormal thyroid hormone level.

Janie had a problemAnd sometimes a baby's thyroid

The onset of this condition can occur at any age, and the diagnosis may be easily overlooked for years, as the symptoms of hypothyroidism develop very slowly. An increase in bone development will also occur. Initial symptoms are listed above. This can occur at any time during the course of treatment. Within the first week of life, a heelprick blood sample is taken to assess an infant's thyroid hormone level.

They'll go through puberty the way they should, too. The thyroid is in that small space in between your fingers. These include an enlarged thyroid gland. Other symptoms include a fast pulse, nervousness, heat intolerance, weight loss, accelerated growth rate, shaky hands, muscle weakness, diarrhoea, and sleep and behavioural disturbances. Their hair may become brittle and break off more easily, and their skin may be dry and look pale and yellowish.

Immediate treatment with antithyroid medication will be given to correct the hormone imbalance. And it bobs up and down when you swallow. However, there are a few key differences that relate to growth, development and behaviour.

Girls tend to be especially prone to developing thyroid problems, due to hormonal changes throughout their life. They may appear hyperactive and restless, be noisier in class, and easily distracted. By this time, there would already have been some devastating consequences.