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If i wanted to watch a bad Nirvana documentary i'd watch a bad Nirvana documentary. Watch rock of ages online free without ing. Joe, Kent Disapointing preview of the Alt rock bit, kid colouring game though it might be better watching it than reading about it.

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Damn important Mr Buckley, he seemed to shape music beyond the grave like no other. We don't need any more people who create wonderful things adding to this list prematurely. My friend Sebbo just loved The Pixies. Sure they both warrant particular attention, but it's the genesis of this scene that could do with exploring, back when it was alternative. From the ashes of Mother Love Bone came a whole host of bands and collaberations.

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Equivalent Fractions Intro. In the steamy heat of Athens, Georgia, we filmed R. Al, London Just the lone Pearl Jam track? Brilliant stuff and thank you for it! This series is majorly flawed.

Charles Shaar Murray hang your head in shame. Dan, Winchester Loved the show the other night and looking forward to the next ones. Quite an emotional episode as well. Actually no one mentioned that Kurt Cobain was once a roadie for The Melvins and this band influenced his music.

Apart from that, I'm really enjoying Seven Ages of Rock. Daniel, Cork This was, without a doubt, the poorest episode of the Seven Ages series.

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Don't get me wrong, I loved Nirvana, and I bought Bleach as soon as it came out. This was superb as was most but not all of this fantastic series. There were so many others who produced wonderful exciting powerful music who should have been included in this, but were passed over for this waste of time and money. They were also one of the most famous heavy metal bands! Filme um sonho de liberdade rmvb.

The Chilis created that genre practically! Probably hoping for too much to see Minor Threat, Slint or the amazing Minutemen get a mention.

Steve, Bath What about Jeff Buckley? Raith, Fife Nirvana is such an obvious choice and as the years pass I go off them even more.

Who cares about the Minute Men and all the other really obscure names you throw up? They should have included Silverchair though!

History does not progress in isolated static blocks. Or do they just make it up as they go along?

Contact Us Like this page? For those of you saying Soundgarden and Pearl Jam weren't mentioned, I saw them, so you obviously weren't paying attention. Nirvana defined the grunge era in the mind of the mainstream. Jon, Fulham, London I loved this programme.

Jason Parkes, Worcester Sad that it had to be nailed to a solitary figure like Kurt Cobain for the most part, do we really need another retelling of the same old tragedy? Great stuff and exactly why I pay the license fee!

Bill, Altadena California - near L. The band chuckled, we climbed on stage and began a marathon of stage diving and crowd surfing, joined in by what seemed to be half the crowd. Dinosaur Jr and My Bloody Valentine deserve a mention too! Ah well, better wait and see I suppose.

However, I don't think I've ever heard any British music documentary mention Husker Du or Black Flag before, so this will be class in that respect. To be fair you would need a good two hours to explore the impact of the American hardcore explosion on todays music scene. He stuck a gun in his mouth and betrayed his genius. It was great to see the Pixies and to finally see them get the credit for the quiet-loud thing. But that would be really hoping for something.

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And don't get me started on the episode about the Police. Stuart, Harrogate Rarely have I been so mesmerised by music programmes and never before have I seen Michael Stipe speak so honestly and emotionally. Why even bother if you are only going to cover three bands? However, you must give the show's makers some credit for actually making the series, i'm certainly enjoying it so far! Black Flag and the pixies only seemed to be included to show where Nirvana got there sound from and there was one quick mention of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, but that was it.

They would hate that, as they are from Chicago and have never associated themselves with grunge. It's called left of the dial so even the smaller yet seminal bands should be mentioned! Equal Fractions Playground. The best one of the series and actually learned a lot I didn't know about Nirvana etc. How could you leave out such a globally acclaimed British talent!

Find out how it all started in Copenhagen. Mark, Northampton Thank god, the Replacements have been included. Jayne, Sheffield Loved this episode.

Left Of The Dial - Alternative Rock 1980-1994

Finally, however, Pixies are being recognised as one of the greatest influences on rock music since the Velvet Underground. Chris Gee, Merseyside I enjoyed the programme and I understand it is obviously made for the mainstream rock audience so it had to profile R. Did you not hear them invent alternative rock in with Murmur?

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You can't honestly expect them to put in everyone's favourite bands in an hour long show. Coffee friends Chapters with trishaws New chapters fundraising for trishaws. And I hoped this would be the best of the series! They may be good bands but they aint alternative. Then there are the Smashing Pumpkins and Nine Inch Nails and the like who branched off with their own sounds and continue to be immensely popular.