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After a few days

Following an autoimmune meal plan is a great place to begin and this is a crucial step in the healing process. Often if I combined something like leeks and onion I would get severe bloating and stomach pains. We are all different and the sooner you get to understand your body the sooner you can provide it with a platform to heal and thrive from. You have to wholeheartedly believe in your choices and that they are right for you.

Just do whats right for you and take care and nourish that body of yours. You host the dinner parties instead. My stomach will bloat right up and no clothes will fit.

Continue the soluble fiber supplements on

Continue the soluble fiber supplements on a daily basis as well. After a few days, you should be feeling much better, and your gut contractions will have stabilized.

It never gets a chance to heal. Healing your whole digestive system and sometimes constantly throwing assault at it can cause symptoms to continue to flare up. Which can be hard when it comes to dinners out or family meals but the good thing is it does get easier and being really strict does give your body a better chance of healing faster. Boring, I know, but it's just a few days. Be kind to yourself on this journey and kind to others who may be going through something similar.

Walking or stretching or an easy yoga practice is ideal. You see when you have leaky gut the focus should be on rebuilding the digestive organs. It could take a couple of months to heal or years. Even water will bloat me right up. So enjoy more cooked foods as this aids in easier digestion.