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Seuss manner, with pictures in the Christmas colors. The Grinch first appeared in a line illustrated poem by Dr. Everywhere I go with him and everywhere I have ever gone with him, his height has attracted attention. Played with Too Blue Feat. In fact, he's proven that more than once.

Played with The Martindales

Played with Detroit Underground. Played with The Martindales. He says he fell in love with me because the sweater I was wearing kept falling off my shoulder and because I made biscuits the way his grandmother did.

Played with Detroit Underground

Played with the Blues Survivors. Played with The Witch Doctors. He played with the Howling Diablos. Moon and the first thing every one notices about him, is his height.

Born Missouri and raised Detroit, Michigan. Wrote a number of songs recorded by Johnnie Bassett. Although he didn't tread on the boundaries of my oldest two's biodad, he did everything a daddy would do for them. Bo hit If Trouble Was Money.

With courtesy and with humor, and that was one of the first things I ever noticed about him. Lincoln Memorial Park, Mt. He crudely disguises himself as Santa Claus, and forces Max, disguised as a reindeer, to drag a sleigh down the mountain towards Whoville. Played with Shirley Franklin and Delta Drive. Played with the Hastings Street Blues Band.