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Windows into the Soul by Gary T. Marx download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Windows into the Soul carries forward a lifetime of inquiry and exploration. Windows into the Soul is a compendium and deep reflection drawing on the laboriously elaborated fruit of a life time of work. Furthermore, it makes great use of images and music to illustrate how we experience surveillance through popular culture. Marx is a notable scholar with an impressive body of work in this area.

After decades of

Academic readers will appreciate the conceptual categories and taxonomies Marx uses to assemble the chapters and themes within the chapters. After decades of research on surveillance, Gary Marx has delivered an abundant harvest indeed. In addition, the work is entertaining throughout with a number of cartoons, references to popular culture, and a rich sense of irony. With ease, Marx approaches the complex and difficult questions of contemporary surveillance culture.

That work is properly hailed as a masterpiece for its sensitive accounts of the effects of these activities. The text is a must-read for anyone entering the field. It brings wisdom, experience, enthusiasm, and humor to complex issues affecting everyone.

Marx has proposed a laudable normative standard for democratic surveillance, much as Jurgen Habermas has developed one for democratic communication. Marx gives us no easy answers, but ensures that we will ask better questions.

This is a valuable work that provides an analytic framework for approaching surveillance studies while avoiding the temptation to find simple solutions or offer easy judgments. Thirty years after his famous publication on undercover police he has now published a second, far reaching monograph.

Academic readers will appreciate the conceptual

But the book should be read well beyond the towers of academe. It borders on the encyclopedic, and is literally overflowing with ideas, observations, and analyses. It should find its way onto the shelves of every serious scholar and student of surveillance. The book breaks new ground and establishes some of the parameters of this expanding disciplinary area. Windows into the Soul commands the attention of anyone interested in surveillance, past, present, and future.