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In many cases, you can use the field edges, areas of open forest and old trials for access to your woodlots. Goals and objectives This is first step woodlot management. Your management can halt, slow down, speed up or reverse this natural succession, or you can allow it to proceed naturally. It provides you necessary information with allows you to make decisions and decide which management activities are appropriate.

Read extensively on the subject and you can learn the same things that a professional forester knows at a considerable savings. When a fire burns off the accumulated duff decaying leaves, twigs, etc.

In many cases you can useGoals and objectives

Before starting any harvesting operation, the plan for regeneration should be in place. Forest tending - Forest tending refers to any management activity which modifies forest vegetation to better meet landowner objectives. Early on, I cut trails through the three-acre patch and have maintained them by mowing and cutting out the wood that has fallen across the trails. There is evidence that in forestland in Alberta there are abundant opportunities for enhancing range values while having a potential for timber production. You have to determine the available labor in your area, type of equipment necessary for your woodlot operation as well as the time needed to carry out the activities and monitoring.

There are three steps to developing a woodland plan. Natural regeneration is by natural seeding, root sprouting and fire, while artificial regeneration is by direct seeding and seedling planting. The larger trees are very fire resistant and the seeds need a mineral soil to germinate and grow.