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They believe she's exaggerating her condition

And I mean, I couldn't, I can barely listen to the radio. Large parts of Leyte and Samar were without power for weeks. Two of the city's malls and numerous grocery stores were subjected to looting.

In her case, she had a modeling career that took her all over the world. After several hours of search and rescue, eight were hospitalized while the other eight drowned. Also, there were reports that David not only disliked starring on the reality show, but it may have been negatively affecting his work and philanthropic efforts. And they point out that she's never gotten a legit diagnosis or a second or third opinion. Apparently, they're too self-absorbed to know what the weather's like outside, let alone know how someone else's marriage is going.

Throughout the city of Tacloban itself, people began looting from homes as stores had been completely emptied. Safety concerns prompted several relief agencies to back out of the operation, and some United Nations staff were pulled out for safety reasons. It's difficult enough watching the wives bicker on television.

The Daily Mail reports that being on the show began to attach negative connotations to David's name, and his charity work suffered. Even though there's not much he can physically do to help her fight the disease, his emotional support could have made a huge difference. However, before afternoon, all communications on the Visayas region failed. Throughout Tacloban City, widespread looting took place in the days following Haiyan's passage.

Thousands of people sought to evacuate the city via C cargo planes, however, the slow process fueled further aggravation. In some instances, relief trucks were attacked and had food stolen in the city. Then again, maybe his heart wasn't all that broken to begin with. For starters, there was Yolanda changing her last name back to just Hadid, the surname of her previous husband.

They believe she's exaggerating her condition. In which case, Yolanda divorcing him was the right choice after all. With lack of access to clean water, some residents dug up water pipes and boiled water from there in order to survive. Apparently, Yolanda grew close to David's daughters, but some undisclosed event took place and changed that.

In which case Yolanda divorcing him

Warehouses were also raided in Jaro and Palo. Just imagine being on set with them. Yolanda and David's divorce has been rumored since when they put their Malibu home up for sale, according to Variety. This was considered the largest loss of life from waves in Taiwan in several years.