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Young Citizens of the World by Marilynne Boyle-Baise download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Being a world citizen requires respect for how people everywhere communicate. For example, toys can be the plastic, color-coded stacking cups found in the U.

Families are welcome

Teaching materials accurately portray the world's diversity. Families are welcome - multicultural visitors are encouraged to share their stories, languages, manners, and expertise. Keep a variety of maps on hand in your classroom. You might include a collection of alphabet books depicting the many alphabets of world languages, and then switch to counting books that illustrate how people count in different ways. Set up a family corner in your classroom to exhibit the kits.

Teaching materials accurately portray the world's

Legends from both American minority cultures and world cultures bring to the shelf a rich array of heroes and heroines, as well as explanations of how the world works. Stories read daily reflect the cultures and people of different times and places. Encourage creative representations of the world. The cultural uniqueness of a toy often lies in its presentation or decoration.

Let them capture their reactions in artistic expressions using different materials, colors, and forms. Music Area Music is a universal language and a way for people to articulate their joy and sorrow, wishes and dreams, as well as national and cultural pride. Create games using maps and globes Play music from a variety of cultures.

On a rotating basis, stack the shelf with stories representing different cultures, written in a variety of languages and telling tales from around the globe. These are all responsibilities of world citizens. The following strategies will help you get started in globalizing your classroom.

But both promote the idea of interdependence through cooperative experiences by living in a global community. By Louise Boyle Swiniarski, Ph. Use the toys for classification activities. Choose samples for your collection that represent the commonalities, as well as the differences, in the world's toys.

Play music from a variety of cultures during a quiet time. Connect the books to topics and skills you are teaching. It also includes the celebrations that make a family unique naming ceremonies, holidays, birthdays, and gatherings.